The 50Th Anniversary of China Radio Association Award:
1. A certificate or plaque will be issued to any Amateur who confirms two-way QSO's with TAIWAN Amateur stations.
2, At lease one (1) contact with BV50CRA, Except EQSO mode, no band and mode limitations (include WARC), satellite contact accepted but not via repeater. All applicant must operated within the allow band/mode according to his/her license issued by authorities.
3. By accumulates the points of each contact , same band, same mode consider one contact. (please refer the table below).
4, Application must submit between 2005/10/15 00:00:00 and 2006/12/31 23:59:59 2009/12/31 23:59:59 (all time UTC)(We receive many request, asking to extent the deadline)
Application only accepted by internet online registration, copy of QSL card are NOT REQUIRED.
Registration form can be access at Registration Form
5, Classes of Award and application fee:
class description Fee numbers
Class A 75 Points or above (plaque + Certificate)
Asia : NT$700 or 30 IRC
Outside Asia : NT$850 or 40 IRC
Class B 45 Points or above, (plaque + Certificate
Asia : NT$700 or 30 IRC
Outside Asia : NT$850 or 40 IRC
Class C 15 Points or above, Basic Certificate Free 1000
6. The result of review the application by CRA's Amateur Radio Committee are final.
7. The minimum application process time will be 45 days.
8. Please send Fee to the following address :
c/o JP1RIW/Mr. Hoshino Award Manager EMail
P.O. Box 282, Nan Kang, Taipei 115, TAIWAN

Point Reference Table
Point Callsign Description
20 points Contact BV50CRA on 2005/11/19 00:00~23:59UTC 50th birthday
10 points BV50CRA 50Th Anniversary special event station
5 points BV2A, BV2B, BV0CRA, BV0AA, BV0AB, BV0AC, BV0AD, BV0AE, BV0BG, BV0W, BV0JA, BV0YL, BV0RY, BV0CQ Contact with calls operated by C.R.A.
3 points BO0K, BO0M ,BP0A, BN0W, BV9W, BV0ART, BV9L, BV9G, BW9W, BV9P, BQ9P, BX9AAA, BV9AAC, BW80NDH, BW01R .. ...etc. Contact with ANY BV's Expedition Station or special call (call number 0 or 9 or 2/3 digit special event call), or ANY area 9 station
2 points BO2AB, BV1ED, BV2CE, BV2DD, BV2FP, BV2KI, BV2KS,BV2NT, BV2RS, BV2WL, BX2AB(ex BV2PU), BX4AF(ex BV4ME),BX4AN(ex BV4VE), BX9AAA, BV/JP1RIW, Bxx/JR7TEQ, Bxx/JA3AQM Staff of Amateur Radio Committee and Major operator of BV50CRA.
1 points Any BM, BN, BO, BP, BP, BU, BV, BW, BX OR (Bx, Bxx)/homecall Contact with ANY station prefix with BM, BN, BO, BP, BP, BU, BV, BW, BX. OR
Temporary Operating Permit issued to foreign Amateur Radio
BV50CRA - 中國無線電協進會創立50週年慶 紀念電台, Celebrating the 50th anniversary of CRA
Member EMail List

BV50CRA - 中國無線電協進會創立50週年慶 紀念電台