BV50CRA - Special event callsign for Celebrating the 50th anniversary of CRA [(Republic of) China Radio Association ]
China Radio Association was found at 1955, composed of 8 categories members who devote in manufacturing, marine station, railroad station, meteorological station, news station, broadcasting station, communication education and amateur station in Taiwan.
CRA was registered in Ministry of Interior Affair and certified by Taipei District Court as a juridical person.
CRA owns a 2300+ membership as a juridical person who aims at the research in radio, electronic and academic information, to assist in the development for civil radio and electronic information business.
*Note : this call will be use for all location in Taiwan and Islands.
for award hunter : during QSO please ask QTH/Call Area and ZIP code or view our log for information.
QSL Manager : BV2KI/Bruce Yih, Box 84-609,Taipei,Taiwan. (Direct or via BV bureau) ,
Award Manager : JP1RIW/ Hoshino Award Manager EMail
*2005/03/24~28, CQ World-Wide WPX SSB Contest, P'eng_Hu Island, BV9/AS-103/ZIP-880  [Photo Gallery]
*2005/04/09~10, Japan International DX Contest (CW), Maio-LI, BV4/AS-020/ZIP-366
*SP DX RTTY Contest, 23-04-2005(UTC:1200) ~ 24-04-2005(UTC:1200), Maio-LI, BV4/AS-020/ZIP-366
*EU PSK DX CONTEST(BPSK31) ,May-21-2005 ~ May-22-2005, BV4/AS-020/ZIP-366
*CQ World-Wide WPX Contest, CW: May 28–29, 2005 ,BV4/AS-020/ZIP-366
* Pan-Asia 2M SSB DX, 2005/06/04~05, BV1/AS-020/ZIP-203 [Photo Gallery]
*Taiwan, Korea, Japan 2M SSB , 2005/07/30~31
*IOTA Contest, 2005/07/30~31, Green Island, BV9/AS-155, use BV50CRA/9 [Photo Gallery]
*All Asia Contest, 2005/09/03~04, Taipei, BV2/AS-020/ZIP-244
*CQ WW RTTY Contest, 2005/09/25~26, Mail-Li, BV4/AS-020/ZIP-363
*CQ WW SSB Contest, 2005/10/29~30, Taipei, BV2/AS-020/ZIP-104
BV50CRA - 中國無線電協進會創立50週年慶 紀念電台, Celebrating the 50th anniversary of CRA
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BV50CRA - 中國無線電協進會創立50週年慶 紀念電台